Quality management

Quality management

With regard to the implementation of GDP (Good Distribution Practice), IMPEX has introduced quality management in order to ensure at all times that the latest legal requirements are taken into account and any deficiencies are eliminated quickly and consistently.

Our deviation management prompts immediate action when there is any deviation from your specifications. We follow a escalation plan with different escalation levels, depending on the nature of the incident. We analyse any complaint or deviation promptly and thoroughly. Appropriate corrective or preventive measures (Corrective and Preventive Measures - CAPA) to eliminate the possible error are taken immediately as part of our quality risk management so the problem can not occur again.

We implement continuous control and monitoring of our own activities with self-inspections and unannounced inspections to ensure implementation and compliance with our high quality standards at all times.

Vehicle cleanliness is also an important issue in hygiene management and is vigorously maintained as part of quality management. At regular intervals - and of course as needed - our lorries are cleaned both on the inside and the outside. The completion of all cleaning is documented in cleaning logs. Unannounced checks of vehicles ensure that our requirements are implemented.

Our vehicles are always on the cutting edge of technology. Ongoing maintenance following a maintenance schedule and immediate damage repairs are a matter of course for IMPEX. And of course our vehicles are pharma-certified.

The observance of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is part of the quality assurance that we employ to ensure the quality of medicines is maintained throughout all stages of the supply chain - from production to the pharmacy.

We are just a small part of the good distribution practices (GDP) but we take our responsibility very seriously.