Pharma transport

Transport of pharmaceutical products - health is the greatest wealth -

IMPEX has been dedicated to the transport of pharmaceutical products and medicines since 2008. We have a fleet of high-quality vehicles with the latest equipment for the transport of your valuable products. From small, quick vans for urgent shipments to 40t lorries with two different temperature zones and and double-decker cargo areas, IMPEX has everything ready for you to ship your sensitive goods safely and quickly to your destination. A temperature log is as much a matter of course for us as the observance of GDP (Good Distribution Practice).

In 2012, before the introduction of GDP, IMPEX had already started to providing all vehicles with a pharma-certificate to ensure at all times that all technical requirements for the transport of pharmaceutical products and medicines are met.

Before one of our pharma-certified vehicles can carry your sensitive goods, it is checked thoroughly for two weeks in order to ensure that it can handle the extreme climatic conditions properly. A new lorry is tested 14 days in a cold chamber to determine whether it can maintain the specified temperatures reliably under the most adverse conditions such as -25° C or + 35°. 24 data loggers can be placed in various parts of the vehicle for the continuous monitoring and control of the cooling data. At the same time a check is made by the TrailerConnect system in the semi-trailer. Optimal insulation of the structure, homogeneous temperature distribution and specific hygiene requirements in material selection and processing are included in the test. Only after successfully completing the check is the vehicle given the pharma-certificate. This is an absolute "must" for the pharmaceutical industry where patient safety is a top priority.

Our cooling machines, as well as all the equipment are regularly maintained and temperature sensors are calibrated annually during maintenance procedures. By the way: our pharma-certified refrigerated semi-trailers are equipped with four temperature sensors instead of the usual one or two sensors to make monitoring more precise. The results of the four sensors that are of particular strategic importance are shown on the temperature log.

The impermeability of the cooling system, that is to say the guarantee that no coolant can leak and contaminate goods and the environment, is tested at least once each year by a specialist workshop and confirmed with an impermeability certificate.

IMPEX has also implemented a Quality Management scheme that constantly monitors compliance with regulations and quality standards. Our Deviation Management systems prompts action immediately when a deviation from your specifications occurs. Here there is an emergency plan with different escalation levels, depending on the nature of the incident.

Our drivers receive ongoing training in the handling of temperature-controlled transports and receive particular instructions regarding the transport of pharmaceutical products and medicines. Of course all IMPEX drivers have received the best training and have clearance for the transport of dangerous goods such as chemical products in accordance with the Professional Driver Qualification Act (BKrFQG).

All IMPEX vehicles are GPS monitored so we always know the location of your valuable goods. The temperature of the cargo area is constantly observed and deviations are reported immediately by SMS and e-mail to both the responsible person and quality management so that measures can be taken if they become necessary. Our drivers can use a smartphone for temperature monitoring in addition to the onboard temperature recorders. As a customer, you can also be provided with access to temperature monitoring if requested.

Hygiene management is another important issue. Our lorries are cleaned inside and out at regular intervals. Maintaining a clean and odour-free loading area is a matter of course for us. The regularity of cleaning is monitored and documented in cleaning schedules.

Our pharma-certified vehicles are also equipped with sensors that report, for example, when a door on the lorry is opened to ensure there is no unauthorised access your goods. Your goods are also secured at all times with two different locks. Our refrigerated semi-trailers can be provided with additional protection against theft with the Trailer Immobilizer. When triggered, the entire braking system is blocked so that the semi-trailer cannot be moved. The block can only be removed by entering the correct PIN code.

None of our lorries is more than four years old. IMPEX always employs the latest technology, whether it is the certification for pharmaceutical products by GDP (Good Distribution Practice) or the latest methods to reduce fuel consumption. When it comes to innovation, we are always up to date.

In the pharmaceutical industry patient safety is a top priority and we are equally committed to shipping your pharmaceutical products and medicines to their destination safely and at the right temperature. We ensure that essential medicines are always available where they are needed.

Because health is the greatest wealth