Operating our own fleet ensures the consistent quality you deserve

Our company firmly believes having our own fleet can guarantee independence from the fluctuations of the transport market and ensure consistent quality standards and compliance with legal requirements such as GDP (Good Distribution Practice).

Our environmentally friendly vehicles are refitted at intervals of not more than four years to ensure we always have cutting edge technology, for instance with respect to CO2 emissions or pharmaceutical certification. Our vehicles always meet the latest standards in terms of noise and emissions. We currently only employ vehicles that meet the Euro standard.

We only use Mercedes tractor units. At present we haveupgraded our fleet from Actros MP4 to the new Actros (MP5) so that we can always provide you with state of the art technology. This will allow us to reduce our average fuel consumption to less than 24 litres per 100 kilometres. We are committed to Green Logistics.

The vehicles' semi-trailers are built by the renowned manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull to meet the specific needs of our customers. All semi-trailers have a load securing certificate and of course are equipped with all load securing equipment on board.

We have employed pharma-grade certified semi-trailers for our refrigeration systems since 2012. Before one of our pharma-grade certified vehicles is allowed to transport your sensitive goods, it is checked thoroughly for two weeks. Lorries are tested 14 days in a climate chamber to determine whether they are able to maintain the specified temperatures reliably under the most adverse conditions such as -25° C or + 35° C. To continuously monitor and control the refrigeration data, 24 data loggers are installed in various places in the vehicle. At the same time a check is implemented by the TrailerConnect system that is installed in the semi-trailers. The check includes items such as an optimal insulation value of the structure, homogeneous temperature distribution as well as special hygienic requirements in material selection and processing. Only then does the vehicle receive the pharma-grade certification. A "must" for the pharmaceutical industry where patient safety is a top priority.

HACCP and HCCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and ATP (Accord relatif aux transports internationaux de denrées périssables et aux engins spéciaux À utiliser pour ces transports) Certification are also a matter of course for us.