Fleet management

Our vehicles are localised using two different electronic systems so that we are able to determine the position of our vehicles and thus your valuable goods at all times.

The tractor units are monitored by Daimler's own FleetBoard system. The system allows the vehicle to be tracked and the condition of the vehicle to be accessed online at any time, providing information such as when the next oil change is due, the condition of the brakes and even if a light bulb is defective. At the same time Fleetboard provides evaluations of ecological driving behaviour, monitoring of diesel consumption taking into consideration the geographical environment and the weight of the load, resource-efficient driving styles and speed of travel. After all, excessive speed not only causes accidents, it is also a source of unnecessary CO2 emissions. Compliance with legal requirements such as driving and rest periods for drivers are monitored because we are convinced only a well-rested driver who adheres to the rules can deliver your goods safely to their destination.

Our semi-trailers are monitored separately either by Akquinet or Schmitz Cargobull's own Cargobull Telematics system. Both systems provide vehicle tracking that is independent of the tractor unit as well as monitoring of the temperature of the refrigerated semi-trailer. Cargobull Telematics is also able to monitor semi-trailer door releases, tire pressure and the maintenance intervals of the refrigeration equipment. We take full advantage of the potential modern technology offers to ship your goods safely and temperature controlled to their destination.